Childhood cancer chart

For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the NCR has updated childhood cancer incidence stats to the year 2013.Read more

Maps of all invasive cancers 1994-2013

The National Cancer Registry has released a new set of cancer incidence maps for years up to 2013Read more

Red blood cells - cancer

The Data request dataset / form has been updated to include 2013 cases and a new field has also been included to help define blood cancers.Read more

Incidence chart 2013

The National Cancer Registry's updated cancer incidence system now includes data up to 2013.Read more

Filling in a form

A new data request application has been released on the NCR website, allowing users to make requests for specific grouped or individual (row-level) dataRead more

Stack of factsheets

The National Cancer Registry has just released an updated set of cancer factsheets, updated with 2012 data. A new 'All cancers' factsheet is also available.Read more

Childhood cancer montage

An on-line incidence search for childhood cancer is now accessible on the Registry website in the Incidence statistics section.Read more

Chart of incidence by sex for lung cancer

The on-line cancer incidence system has been updated to include the year 2012. Statistics can now be generated for years 1994 to 2012.Read more

The new incidence interface

The Registry has released a new incidence statistics system, replacing the on-line cancer incidence. This article describes the system and how to use it.Read more

Bar chart of survival by year for all cancers

Survival statistics now provide data on Irish cancer patients diagnosed between 1994 and 2011, followed up to the end of 2012.Read more


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