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New report on modifiable cancer risk factors released by Registry All invasive | Breast | Colorectal | Lung | Melanoma of skin Incidence | Projections | Prevention | Key risk factors | Smoking | Overweight | Infection | Alcohol | Sunburn | Research | Public policy
Changes in colorectal cancer incidence in seven high-income countries: a population-based study Colorectal Cancer Benchmarking Partnership | Incidence rates
What influences bowel cancer screening participation in men and women? Colorectal Bowel | Cancer screening | Participation | Men | Women
Registry health economist wins best poster presentation award at recent conference All invasive | Colorectal | Prostate Economics of Health | Cancer survivorship | Award
Student project identifies ways to make colorectal cancer follow-up more cost effective Colorectal Health economics | Patient follow-up | Gps | Summer placements
Distance from hospital influences quality of life in colorectal cancer survivors Colorectal Rural | Cancer survivors | Quality of Life | Gender
Recent increases in late stage colorectal cancer and rectal cancer mortality reaffirms the need for a national colorectal cancer screening programme in Ireland Colorectal | Rectum Colorectal | Cancer screening
Significantly lower uptake of FIT screening for colorectal cancer in men Colorectal Screening | Men
Use of the anti-diabetic drug metformin may be associated with lower chances of being diagnosed with disseminated colorectal cancer Colorectal Diabetes
International Women's Day - Cancer in Women Breast | Colorectal | Lung Women | Incidence | Infographic


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