The registry performance indicators, comparing the performance of the National Cancer Registry with four registries in the United Kingdom, have been updated and are available on our website.Read more

A new research report has been published by Public Health England on the challenges in measuring deprivation in the context of cancer. The National Cancer Registry was involved in supplying...Read more

As an American, November is traditionally a month to take stock and express thanks (USA Thanksgiving last Thursday of November). While intentionally overlooking the political aspect of this November (USA presidential election November 8th...Read more

A new paper published in the journal BMC Cancer by researchers at the National Cancer Registry estimated that deaths from cancer over the next 20 years will cost the Irish economy €73 billion in lost productivity.Read more

Cancer Week 2016 infographic

The Registry has released a new infographic about Cancer Week 2016 - be part of the conversation.Read more

This month the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) is promoting a very important initiative to raise cancer awareness – Cancer Week Ireland 2016: October 17th to 23rd.  Since cancer is such a prevalent and life changing disease it is...Read more

As I settle into to my new role at NCR I’m struck by the dedication of the folks who work here and the nature of our unsung heroes. Practically speaking the work of NCR can be summed up into two main areas of expertise, data collection and data...Read more


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