News from the Director's Office - May 2019

News from the Director’s Office this month is related to comings and goings essential to the work we do.

NCRI’s business is data. As such, data protection is central to the work we do and we take it very seriously.

For the last couple of years we were lucky to have Fintan Swanton as our consultant Data Protection Officer (DPO). With his expertise and guidance, NCRI began its GDPR readiness journey. Of course, importantly he had the Internal support of our Data Protection Committee (DPC) & Eamonn O’Leary, the Chair. As we say goodbye to Fintan it’s with appreciation for his attentiveness to NCRI data protection during his tenure.

In April this year, NCRI welcomed our first ever internal DPO, Colette Goggin. We are delighted to have a dedicated member of NCRI staff to oversee this essential business function and to continue to work with our DPC. Colette brings extensive DPO experience and both a committed and friendly approach that will guide NCRI data protection activities forward. We are lucky to have her expertise at NCRI.

A big Thank You to Fintan.

A very warm welcome to Colette.

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