ICD-O3 topography (site) codes

Below is a full list of ICD-O3 Topography codes. Click here to download the list as an Excel file.

ICD-O3 CodeDescription
C00.0External lip upper
C00.1External lip lower
C00.2External lip NOS
C00.3Upper lip, mucosa
C00.4Lower lip, mucosa
C00.5Mucosa lip, NOS
C00.6Commissure lip
C00.8Overlapping lesion of lip
C00.9Lip, NOS
C01.9Base of tongue, NOS
C02.0Dorsal surface tongue, NOS
C02.1Border of tongue
C02.2Ventral surface of tongue NOS
C02.3Anterior 2/3 of tongue NOS
C02.4Lingual tonsil
C02.8Overlapping lesion of tongue
C02.9Tongue NOS
C03.0Upper gum
C03.1Lower gum
C03.9Gum NOS
C04.0Anterior floor of mouth
C04.1Lateral floor of mouth
C04.8Overlapping lesion of floor of mouth
C04.9Floor of mouth NOS
C05.0Hard palate
C05.1Soft palate NOS (excludes Nasopharyngcal surface C11.3)
C05.8Overlapping lesion of palate
C05.9Palate NOS
C06.0Cheek mucosa
C06.1Vestibule of mouth
C06.2Retromolar area
C06.8Overlapping lesion of other and unspecified parts of mouth
C06.9Mouth NOS
C07.9Parotid gland
C08.0Submaxillary gland
C08.1Sublingual gland
C08.8Overlapping lesion of major salivary glands
C08.9Major salivary gland, NOS
C09.0Tonsillar fossa
C09.1Tonsillar pillar
C09.8Overlapping lesion of tonsil
C09.9Tonsil NOS (excludes Lingual tonsil C02.4 and Pharyngeal tonsil C11.1)
C10.1Anterior surface of epiglottis
C10.2Lateral wall oropharynx
C10.3Posterior wall oropharynx
C10.4Branchial cleft (site of neoplosm)
C10.8Overlapping lesion of oropharynx
C10.9Oropharynx NOS
C11.0Superior wall of nasopharynx
C11.1Posterior wall nasopharynx
C11.2Lateral wall nasopharynx
C11.3Anterior wall nasopharynx
C11.8Overlapping lesion of nasopharynx
C11.9Nasopharynx NOS
C12.9Pyriform sinus
C13.0Postcricoid region
C13.1Hypopharyngeal aspect of aryepiglottic fold
C13.2Posterior wall hypopharynx
C13.8Overlapping lesion of hypopharynx
C13.9Hypopharynx, NOS
C14.0Pharynx NOS
C14.2Waldeyer's ring
C14.8Overlapping lesion of lip, oral cavity and pharynx
C15.0Cervical esophagus
C15.1Thoracic esophagus
C15.2Abdominal esophagus
C15.3Upper third of esophagus
C15.4Middle third of esophagus
C15.5Esophagus lower third
C15.8Overlapping lesion of esophagus
C15.9Esophagus NOS
C16.0Cardia, NOS
C16.1Fundus stomach
C16.2Body stomach
C16.3Gastric antrum
C16.5Lesser curvature of stomach, NOS (not classifiable to C16.1 to C16.4)
C16.6Greater curvature of stomach, NOS (not classifiable to C16.0 to C16.4)
C16.8Overlapping lesion of stomach
C16.9Stomach NOS
C17.2Ileum (excludes ileocecal valve C18.0)
C17.3Meckel's diverticulum (site of neoplasm)
C17.8Overlapping lesion of small intestine
C17.9Small intestine NOS
C18.2Ascending colon
C18.3Hepatic flexure of colon
C18.4Transverse colon
C18.5Splenic flexure of colon
C18.6Descending colon
C18.7Sigmoid colon
C18.8Overlapping lesion of colon
C18.9Colon NOS
C19.9Rectosigmoid junction
C20.9Rectum, NOS
C21.0Anus, NOS (excludes Skin of anus and Perianal skin (C44.5)
C21.1Anal canal
C21.2Cloacogenic zone
C21.8Overlapping lesion of rectum, anus and anal canal
C22.1Intrahepatic bile duct
C24.0Extrahepatic bile duct
C24.1Ampulla of Vater
C24.8Overlapping lesion of biliary tract
C24.9Biliary tract, NOS
C25.0Head of pancreas
C25.1Body pancreas
C25.2Tail pancreas
C25.3Pancreatic duct
C25.4Islets of Langerhans
C25.7Neck of pancreas
C25.8Overlapping lesion of pancreas
C25.9Pancreas NOS
C26.0Intestinal tract, NOS
C26.8Overlapping lesion of digestive system
C26.9Gastrointestinal tract, NOS
C30.0Nasal cavity (excludes Nose, NOS C76.0)
C30.1Middle ear
C31.0Maxillary sinus
C31.1Ethmoid sinus
C31.2Frontal sinus
C31.3Sphenoid sinus
C31.8Overlapping lesion of accessory sinuses
C31.9Accessory sinus, NOS
C32.3Laryngeal cartilage
C32.8Overlapping lesion of larynx
C32.9Larynx NOS
C34.0Main bronchus
C34.1Upper lobe, lung
C34.2Middle lobe, lung
C34.3Lower lobe, lung
C34.8Overlapping lesion of lung
C34.9Lung NOS
C38.1Anterior mediastinum
C38.2Posterior mediastinum
C38.3Mediastinum NOS
C38.4Pleura NOS
C38.8Overlapping lesion of heart, mediastinum and pleura
C39.0Upper respiratory tract, NOS
C39.8Overlapping lesion of respiratory system and intrathoracic organs
C39.9Respiratory tract, NOS
C40.0Upper limb long bones, joints
C40.1Upper limb short bones, joints
C40.3Lower limb short bones, joints
C40.8Overlapping lesion of bones, joints and articular cartilage of limbs
C40.9Bone limb, NOS
C41.0Skull and facial bone
C41.2Vertebral column (excludes Sacrum and Coccyx C41.4)
C41.3Rib, sternum, clavicle
C41.4Pelvic bone
C41.8Overlapping lesion of bones, joints and articular cartilage
C41.9Bone NOS
C42.1Bone marrow
C42.3Reticuloendothelial system, NOS
C42.4Hematopoietic system, NOS
C44.0Skin lip, NOS
C44.1Eyelid NOS
C44.2External ear
C44.3Skin face
C44.4Skin scalp, neck
C44.5Skin trunk
C44.6Skin limb, upper
C44.7Skin limb, lower
C47.0Peripheral nerve head, neck
C47.1Peripheral nerve shoulder, arm
C47.2Peripheral nerve leg
C47.3Peripheral nerve thorax (excludes Thymus, Heart and Mediastinum C37. , C38. )
C47.4Peripheral nerve abdomen
C47.5Peripheral nerve pelvis
C47.6Peripheral nerve trunk
C47.8Overlapping lesion of peripheral nerves and autonomic nervous system
C47.9Autonomic nervous system NOS
C48.2Peritoneum NOS
C48.8Overlapping lesion of retroperitoneum and peritoneum
C49.0Connective tissue head
C49.1Connective tissue arm
C49.2Connective tissue leg
C49.3Connective tissue thorax (excludes Thymus, Heart and Mediastinum C37. , C38. )
C49.4Connective tissue abdomen
C49.5Connective tissue pelvis
C49.6Connective tissue trunk, NOS
C49.8Overlapping lesion of connective, subcutaneous and other soft tissues
C49.9Connective tissue NOS
C50.1Central portion of breast
C50.2Upper inner quadrant of breast
C50.3Lower inner quadrant of breast
C50.4Upper outer quadrant of breast
C50.5Lower outer quadrant of breast
C50.6Axillary tail of breast
C50.8Overlapping lesion of breast
C50.9Breast NOS (excludes Skin of breast C44.5)
C51.0Labium majus
C51.1Labium minus
C51.8Overlapping lesion of vulva
C51.9Vulva, NOS
C52.9Vagina, NOS
C53.8Overlapping lesion of cervix uteri
C53.9Cervix uteri
C54.0Isthmus uteri
C54.3Fundus uteri
C54.8Overlapping lesion of corpus uteri
C54.9Corpus uteri
C55.9Uterus NOS
C57.0Fallopian tube
C57.1Broad ligament
C57.2Round ligament
C57.4Uterine adnexa
C57.7Wolffian body
C57.8Overlapping lesion of female genital organs
C57.9Female genital tract, NOS
C60.1Glans penis
C60.2Body penis
C60.8Overlapping lesion of penis
C60.9Penis NOS
C61.9Prostate gland
C62.0Undescended testis (site of neoplasm)
C62.1Descended testis
C62.9Testis NOS
C63.1Spermatic cord
C63.2Scrotum, NOS
C63.7Tunica vaginalis
C63.8Overlapping lesion of male genital organs
C63.9Male genital organs, NOS
C64.9Kidney NOS
C65.9Renal pelvis
C67.0Trigone, bladder
C67.1Dome, bladder
C67.2Lateral wall bladder
C67.4Posterior wall bladder
C67.6Ureteric orifice
C67.8Overlapping lesion of bladder
C67.9Bladder NOS
C68.1Paraurethral gland
C68.8Overlapping lesion of urinary organs
C68.9Urinary system, NOS
C69.1Cornea, NOS
C69.4Ciliary body
C69.5Lacrimal gland
C69.6Orbit NOS
C69.8Overlapping lesion of eye and adnexa
C69.9Eye NOS
C70.0Cerebral meninges
C70.1Spinal meninges
C70.9Meninges NOS
C71.1Frontal lobe
C71.2Temporal lobe
C71.3Parietal lobe
C71.4Occipital lobe
C71.5Ventricle NOS
C71.6Cerebellum, NOS
C71.7Brain stem
C71.8Overlapping lesion of brain
C71.9Brain NOS
C72.0Spinal cord
C72.1Cauda equina
C72.2Olfactory nerve
C72.3Optic nerve
C72.4Acoustic nerve
C72.5Cranial nerve, NOS
C72.8Overlapping lesion of brain and central nervous system
C72.9Nervous system NOS
C73.9Thyroid gland
C74.0Adrenal gland cortex
C74.1Adrenal gland medulla
C74.9Adrenal gland NOS
C75.0Parathyroid gland
C75.1Pituitary gland
C75.2Craniopharyngeal duct
C75.3Pineal gland
C75.4Carotid body
C75.5Aortic body
C75.8Overlapping lesion of endocrine glands and related structures
C75.9Endocrine gland, NOS
C76.0Head, face or neck NOS
C76.1Thorax NOS
C76.2Abdomen NOS
C76.3Pelvis NOS
C76.4Upper limb NOS
C76.5Lower limb NOS
C76.7Other illdefined sites
C76.8Overlapping lesion of ill-defined sites
C77.0Lymph node face, head ,neck
C77.1Intrathoracic lymph node
C77.2Intra-abdominal lymph nodes
C77.3Lymph node axilla, arm
C77.4Lymph node inguinal region, leg
C77.5Lymph node pelvic
C77.8Lymph nodes of multiple regions
C77.9Lymph node NOS
C80.9Unknown primary site

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