Where do you get your population data?

Population data is supplied by the Information Management Unit at the Department of Health. It part of a package of statistical information called the Public Health Information System or PHIS for short.

The population data given gives populations for each age-group in every county and healthboard in Ireland, and in Ireland as a whole. It also gives the overall populations for each county, healthboard and Ireland.

However, for any given area, the sum of the age-specific populations will not generally add up to the overall population for that area. Further, the sum of the populations for the counties does not match the overall population for Ireland.

The registry uses the data as follows:

  • The age-specific populations are used for age-specific rates, which are themselves the basis of most age-standardised rates.
  • Where the overall population of a location is needed (e.g. the crude rate) we use the sum of the age-specific populations instead of the given value for consistency.
  • The population figures for each healthboard are based on the sum of the county populations
  • The population figures for Ireland are the figures supplied in PHIS.

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